All businesses, and all individuals for that matter, go through four basic phases in their lives.

Birth, Growth, Maturity, and Death.

Granted, some people have big trouble with the maturity part, but sooner or later they get it. Either that, or they get the stuffing kicked out of them at family gatherings!

You see there is a link between CPA's and Physician's. Come on, say it with me...Birth, Growth, Maturity, and Death. There you go! At Redmond and Company LLC we are experts in “financial physicals.” Here’s how it works:

Birth. What does it take to give birth to a business anyway? Glad you asked! We can coach you along the way! We can deliver you to that next stage of...

Growth. You know that undeniable pride you have while watching your business as it maneuvers through the rapids of life? That joy… that pride… that unbelievable fear that things are going too well, or not well enough, or whatever! Just like your children, right? That sweet little child who becomes a teenager. For the love of Pete, a teenager! Are you kidding me? We all know what they need is a good dose of...

Maturity. It is inevitable. Everybody matures. Well almost everybody. Are you, Dr. Business Owner, that same smart aleck who took chance upon chance building bigger and bigger ramps in order to jump your 5-speed banana bike even farther than the last time? (Actually, that sounds kind of fun!) But you are wearing one of those ultra cool helmets to protect your noggin aren’t you? Otherwise you’ll inadvertently find yourself walking in the valley of...

Death. But wait! Don't you want to provide for your employees, your spouse, your children, your grand children or, if none of the above, how about the dog? If yes (and we weren’t serious about that dog by the way), you get it. Congratulations. If no, hire us for a refresher in maturity.

You need a primary care giver; you need a second opinion; you can count on Redmond and Company, LLC to help navigate this funny little thing we call life.


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